Friday, October 28, 2011

Maths reflection Term 4

During maths this week I've learnt how to simplify a fraction for e.g if you had to share 5 pizzas to 6 people equally. First you have to cut the pizza to the number of people which is 6. Each person has to get 1 piece from each pizza which is ⅙. But you have to have ⅙ from the five pizzas. So you basically have to add the 1/6 5 times.

The G.I Parade

There was shouting and laughing everywhere. The whole of Glen Inness were waiting for the parade to begin. Me my mum, dad and my sisters were all waiting.

Yes the parade was starting. Me and my dad were waiting right in front so we could take really good pictures.

Everyone was shouting and cheering it was crazy. The more closer the parade got to us the more louder the people cheered.

First we saw the St Pius Samoan community, the only colours we could see was red and blue as the Samoan communities passed us.

Then we saw these Chinese dancing dragons they were awesome and colourful.

Other countries started pouring in like Tonga, Fiji also India and all sorts.

The parade was over and people started leaving. In no time Glen Inness was back to normal.

My favorite part was when I saw the dancing dragons from china.