Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Favourite Food

Ice-cream is my favourite type of food and each flavour changes my mood. Cookies and Cream makes me keen and Raspberry Delight changes my height. When I take one lick of chocolate ice-cream I shoot up in to the sky like a laser beam. Orange Choc-chip makes me want to skip. Plus ice-cream cools me down on a hot sunny day from April to May.


  1. Lovely descriptions Robert. The photo isn't bad either.

  2. Hi, I love this post. I love icecream too, but you describe each flavour so beautifully. Now every time I havee icecream I will think of this post. Thank you. It makes me appreciate icecream even more.

  3. I love this poem Robert :)

    I can tell that you have thought long and hard about your word choices! I always read poetry aloud. That helps me to find the rhythm. My favourite flavour in your poem would have to be chocolate.....that sentence had a fabulous rhythm and shooting up to the sky sounds very exciting. I wonder if it would have that effect on me too??

  4. That was cool Me and Jesse really loved it that me and Robbie blasted into chunks laughing when we were trying to rap it.


    Robbie and Jesse

  5. Good ay Robert:o)
    I really like your poem!
    Its nice to see you really like ice-cream.
    I have to say my favourite flavour in your poem is raspberry...that sentence had a fabulous rhythm delight change my height :D
    Keep up the good work