Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yes! It’s athletics day. The day of fun and sometimes sadness. The St Pius children gathered in to their groups Keas,Geckos,Tuis and Kiwis. Athletics is a time to kick back. To chill, and to RACE FOR LIFE!

I walked nervously to the starting line.
“OK boys,” said Mr Gaffeny, “on your marks get set. GO!” I ran with fear,fear of coming last. I tried to catch up to the others but that didn't work.
I came last . I walked back to our tar-pollen. I trembled down with sadness.

I felt so useless, I was feeling weak, and dead. felt like I never wanted to move again. But to see the other kids have so much fun I wanted to run and move. The chance has come when I heard Mrs Pole say.... “Can I have Keas & Geckos pleas, for the relay race pleas. It was my time to shine. Finally we were set up to race. I was seventh in line, then sixth, then fifth, then fourth, than third, second. I was next in line, I really wanted to run all the way to the back. I was to late.
I was up and shaking. “GO”!!! shouted the team I bate the person in front of me i turned and I ran back, I felt good. As soon as I sat back in line we were done. everyone was finish.

Although we lost it still felt good to have a little run around.

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